Compositor, Author of Epic, Orchestral, Electro, DubStep for film, videos, game or others.

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Emotions Album available

Emotions album is now available for shipping (including free HD/MP3 files to download)

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Symphony Future - Emotions album

A mix between orchestral and electro

Discover the last Symphony Future Album: EMOTIONS, mixing Symphony, Orchestral, Electro DubStep. Emotions is now available in CD, or MP3, HD Files. You can also download it from music streaming Platform (Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify, Deezer...)

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Symphony Future is a french author compositor of Orchestral, Electro, Melodic with 20 years experience. Awarded as Best Independant Composer in 1999 (International French Music Video Art Forum). You can listen and buy our albums for your videos, publicity, trailer, video game, project or just for your own pleasure. Symphony Future is also providing to you music creation for enterprise or specific creation like video game, film, dance performance or innotive project like AR/VR project.

What you says about Symphony Future

Steve C, LA

When I heard SF musics, it feels like you made a trip around the universe, with dynamic and positive energy. Hope to discover the second album!!

Emma C, FR

Symphony Future music are pure melodies coming from the heart. It will take you away towards new worlds. Thanks a lot.


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